Business License and Permit Management

The Importance Of Accurate License and Permit Records

Business licenses can be better managed by outsourcing to GFTC.Companies file a myriad of Business Licenses and Permits, which are required for almost every business location where they operate. In many instances, these Licenses and Permits must be obtained not only for each business location, but also for each division or legal entity through which they operate, as well as for each department within the company.

In most cases, License and Permit filings are seldom centralized in one department in most companies. Even in situations where this responsibility is handled at the home office, companies are seldom confident that all required Licenses and Permits have been obtained and renewed within stated deadlines.

Consequently, due to this often decentralized task, changes in locations and employees, and many other issues, License and Permit filings may often result in fines and late payment penalties for failure to obtain and renew Licenses and Permits in a timely manner.

The Importance of Accurate License and Permit Records

GFTC is an authorized user of LicenseHQ™, a unique software service that can accommodate any type of Business License, and Permit that any business may require. GFTC assumes the responsibility of identifying, tracking, filing, and keeping up-to-date records for all the Licenses and Permits that our clients are required to have to conduct business. Through LicenseHQ™ we have access to over 80,000 up-to-date business licenses, permits, and certificates.

With GFTC, companies no longer incur fines or late payment penalties, and can be assured that all Business Licenses and Permits are current and accurate.

How It Works

GFTC's specialists meet with you to identify the Licenses and Permits you are required to hold for each location and/or activity. As part of our process, we interview each division, operation or business unit to determine the nature of your business and the types of licensees and permits that are necessary. The interview process is designed to be non-intrusive, and usually can be conducted through phone interviews.

When the information has been obtained to determine all required filings, GFTC provides you with a list of the licenses and permits to be filed and the cost of each. With your approval, we then file for the required License and Permits. We will also maintain a permanent, secure database for the Licenses and Permits filed. In addition, as part of our service, you have access to view the records using our online LicenseHQ™ portal at any time and print any Licenses and or Permit that may be needed by a location.

Benefits of GFTC's Business License and Permit Management Program

Through proper filing, payments, administration and maintenance of Business Licenses and Permits, companies can consolidate the process, reduce costs and avoid penalties. Benefits also include:

  • Elimination for late and/or absent filing
  • Elimination of late filing penalties
  • Improved data recording, resulting in accurate compliance
  • System generated License and Permits, eliminating data entry errors
  • Secure storage of license and permit related documents, such as: applications, renewals, checks and licenses
  • Reduction in administrative costs
  • Centralized database of your licenses and permits filed, organized by location, with the ability to populate previous year(s) information
  • Unlimited access to web-based system, able to be updated anytime you add a location

Get Started

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