Compliance Division

A bag full of tax moneyGFTC provides two premier compliance services: Personal Property Tax Compliance and Audit Management Services and Business License and Permit Management Services

With each client, our goals are the same – create and provide a customized compliance process that fits the diverse needs and requirements for our clients, increase book income, reduce taxes and increase cash flow. GFTC is an authorized user of the country’s premier compliance software provided by Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI). For personal property tax compliance, audit management, and tax bill payments for real estate and personal property taxes, we use Property Tax Made Simple (PTMS). For business license and permit management, we use their LicenseHQ software.

With the utilization of TCI’s software and our dedication to accuracy and excellence, we guarantee there will be no filing penalties or interest.

  • Personal Property Tax Compliance and Audit Management

    Regardless of the number of personal property tax returns you are filing, or the number of real estate and personal property tax bills you are paying, one of our customized filing options will be a perfect fit for your company. The filing option we customize for you will increase your income, reduce your taxes, and increase your cash flow, whether you are currently using an internal homegrown system, outsourcing to a compliance firm, or have purchased compliance software.

  • Business License and Permit Management

    Companies file a myriad of business licenses and permits, which are required for almost every business location where they operate. In many instances, these licenses and permits must be obtained not only for each business location, but also for each division or legal entity through which you operate. GFTC can consolidate and streamline this process.

  • Fixed Asset and Tax Management Solutions

    The proper and accurate management of fixed assets is not only a necessity in today’s business environment, it’s the only way to ensure a company’s books and tax records are in compliance with required accounting standards. It’s also the only way to ensure that those records are accurately maintained and that correct tax returns are filed.